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Vintage Troublemaker: Top Fifty Albums - 40-31

Top Fifty Albums

By Phantom Troublemaker

I don’t really see the need for another intro, but here one is anyway. Dammit.

40. Life is Peachy – Korn
Like many entries on the list, this is the album that got me into these guys. This is just a heavy, funky album that screams its pants off. If it had pants. Fieldy’s bass on this thing still blows me away - unlike his solo album, which will be high up on my Worst Albums list, whenever I do that one. I actually derided Korn quite a bit before the enforced playlist at Hot Topic made me really listen to them.
-Favorite track – their collaboration with Chino from the Deftones (shouldn’t they be a rap/ska band with that name?) on a cover of Cube’s Wicked


39. Judgment Night - Soundtrack
This is the best soundtrack ever! Every single song was recorded especially for this album. Collaborations between some of the coolest rockers and rappers of the day makes for one of the most unique listening experiences you could have before Limp Bizkit fucked the rap/rock hybrid up for everybody else. Check out the track listing:

1.Just Another Victim – Helmet/House of Pain
2.Fallin’ – Teenage Fanclub/De La Soul
3.Me, Myself & My Microphone – Living Colour/Run DMC
4.Judgment Night – The classic tandem of Biohazard and Onyx
5.Disorder – Slayer/Ice-T
6.Another Body Murdered – Faith No More/Boo-Yaa Tribe
7.I Love You Mary Jane – Sonic Youth/Cypress Hill
8.Freak Momma – Mudhoney/Sir Mix-a-lot
9.Missing Link – Dinosaur, Jr./Del tha Funkee Homosapien
10.Come and Die – Therapy?/Fatal
11.Real Thing – Pearl Jam/Cypress Hill

-Favorite track - #9

38. Apollo 18 – They Might Be Giants
They Might Be Giants’ fourth album opens with a rockin’ track called Dig My Grave and maintains eclectic goodness all the way through the last several tracks – a collection of mini-songs so bizarre they will make your neighbor’s head hurt. One of them is simply a haunting voice singing “I’ve found a new friend… underneath my pillow…” What?! More TMBG albums would be on this list, but there are always a few slow, moody songs on their other albums. This one is just batshit crazy all the way through. I love it so much I got the cover tattooed on my chest. 
I have an embarrassing story about meeting one of the Johns that I will get to later. Or not. It's really fucking lame.
-Favorite track – Turn Around (that was the toughest one so far – this album is full of great songs)

37. Raising Hell – Run DMC
What do I really need to say about this album? It was, along with Licensed to Ill, the first music purchase I made with my own money. Waaaaaaay back in 1986. I cannot fucking believe these albums have been out for twenty-two years. I am old. I have a story about seeing Run DMC and the Beastie Boys in Houston on the Together Forever tour in 1987. I’ll save that for later. Notice how I keep doing that? Why am I trying to build anticipation for something that nobody may ever look at? Because I’m an artist, dammit! (Really, the whole purpose of this exercise in blogging was to get the ‘ol hat rack working. Plus, I think having a son has made me want to recall my past so I can share my experiences with him, whether they be anecdotes or cautionary tales.)
-Favorite track – You Be Illin’

36. Dookie – Green Day
I still can’t believe the name of this album. And the fact that early copies of it came with a poop-brown tray. I have bought and sold this one many times over, like many cool albums-gone-pop that I’ve owned. Now that everything is in my computer, I guess I don’t have to worry about that any more. I’m not trying to sound all cool, but I really was listening to these guys before this album. Me & my buddies went to see them very close to the time Dookie came out. The Offspring played, too, and sucked. Their bitchy front man, Herbert or whatever, kept crying about the sound. Maybe somebody should have told him they were supposed to be a punk band. I fucking hate The Offspring. We had been listening to the previous two Green Day albums (I can’t remember their names right now – I really am old) from Lookout! for a while at that point. My buddy, Geoff, kept everyone up on the punk scene.
-Favorite song – Welcome to Paradise

35. Live – Face to Face
I hadn’t even really heard these guys until I saw them play at the Masquerade. I think I was working at the time. Anyway, they rocked my socks off and shortly thereafter this album came out, so I bought it. I don’t actually own anything else by them. Weird, huh?
-Favorite track – Ordinary

34. Stankonia – Outkast
I am about to admit a dirty secret: I couldn’t stand Outkast the first time I heard them. The first song I ever heard was Player’s Ball in 1994 and I hated it. Dan D. got it from some promotional cassette that also had this really cool Course of Empire remix on it. I need to find that song… Anyway, Dan D. was riding around, playing that damn song over and over again. Some years later I heard Da Art of Storytellin’ and Rosa Parks and loved them, not even remembering Player’s Ball. After that came Stankonia, and I got caught up in Outkast fever, just like everybody else, and bought all the old albums. Imagine my shock when I put in Southernplayalisticadillacmusic and heard that damn Player’s Ball again. I still hate that song. Oh, yeah, this album is amazing.
-Favorite track – Gasoline Dreams (followed closely by Speedballin’ from the limited edition – find it online)

33. The Dio Years – Black Sabbath
When I was younger, I preferred Ozzy to Dio. Now I like Dio more. I think part of it is Ozzy becoming a stupid parody of himself and putting out some really crappy albums. Now, I understand that shouldn’t effect my opinion of past Ozzy, but I can’t help it. Having said all that, I still put Paranoid above this one. Dio rocks harder, but Ozzy had all the hits.
-Favorite track – Lady Evil

32. Black Sunday – Cypress Hill
I got into Cypress Hill because Scott Ian wore their shirt for some interview on Headbanger’s Ball. The first album was amazing when it came out, but I don’t think it’s held up all that well. Black Sunday, on the other hand, is still very listenable. Muggs got way better, and so did Sen. I’ve never really heard B-Real anything other than top-notch. Every track on here is a “banger”. I think I saw that word used somewhere to describe a hip-hop song. That’s okay, right?
-Favorite song – I Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That

31. Greatest Fits – Ministry
Ah, Ministry. Another victim of inconsistent album quality. As much as I like Al & company, they usually have albums that are about half-full of good tracks, sometimes more, sometimes less. Despite the ultra left-wing bullshit he has started spouting recently, I still dig the music. That is saying something for the rocking quality of the good songs. With Greatest Fits, Al shows that he knows he makes shitty music, too, because none of the crap is here, only good stuff. This is really all the Ministry you need. And it is good.
-Favorite song – cover of Sabbath’s Supernaut

Well, I’ve once again just about broken spellcheck, so until 30-21 hits, good night and stay creepy.

I believe this is the first time I hit upon a standard close for the articles with "Good night and stay creepy". I think I like "Until next time" better.Also, here's another courtesy video:

Until next time, stay creepy

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