Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Toy Review – Masters of the Universe Classics: Trap-Jaw By Mattel

I love this figure so much I almost sat at home the other day to write this review. Then I came to my senses.
Trap-Jaw has always been my favorite Masters of the Universe character. Despite being portrayed as basically a notch above retarded in both of the cartoon series (common for the villain characters), I have always thought of him as a sinister cyborg who works for Skeletor out of sheer love of mayhem and murder.
While I don’t have the original Trap-Jaw any more (he was one of the few MOTU figures I had as a kid); I do still have the 2002 version, which ranks among my favorite figures of all time. I missed the newest iteration the first time around thanks to oversleeping after a night shift, but now I’ve got him.

This time around it took me forty-three minutes to complete my order on Mattycollector. I think that is fucking lame. It is also, however, brilliant. I say that because it is exactly that bullshit that compelled me to join their damned Club Eternia so I wouldn’t have to deal with the bullshit process any more. Now not only do I not have to sit staring at that damned screen on Monday afternoons, I also get my figures shipped two days early. I’m going to sell the ones I don’t want on eBay for as fair a price as I can manage; in other words, I just want to break even. Except for the Preternia He-Man; which I may jack up my asking price for – he’s the Club exclusive that you can only get by subscribing (or paying an exorbitant price for on eBay – mwahahaha!). It does kind of suck that the first figure I get in January will be going straight to eBay, though. It’s Bow from She-Ra. She-Ra is a straight-up girl’s toy line and Bow looks gayer than Rip Taylor in a tutu.
On the plus side, I’ve guaranteed myself a Vikor, He-Man of the North figure. 
This is a figure of the original concept sketches of He-Man and it looks exactly like Conan. I can just imagine the meeting:
Mr. Randy - “Mr. Chunderton! I have a great new concept for a boys’ line!”
(hands over sketches)
Mr. Chunderton – “This looks just like Conan.”
Mr. Randy – “No, no, no. This is He-Man.”
Mr. Chunderton – “Did you just photocopy a book cover?”
Mr. Randy – “Er, no. I drew that. That’s He-Man, you see.”
Mr. Chunderton – “Why does it say “Frazetta” at the bottom?”
Mr. Randy – “Uh…”
Mr. Chunderton – “Whatever. Lose the helmet and make him blonde. At least don’t make the bad guys snake people.”
Mr. Randy – “Oh, wow! Snake people…”
Mr. Chunderton – “What was that?”
Mr. Randy – “Uh, I said no snake people, sir… yet…”
Anyway, let’s see just how awesome Trap-Jaw is (very).
First Glance: I really love how the conservative packaging on these Classics makes the figures look absolutely HUGE. I also really love Trap-Jaw. These colors are just outstanding.
Sculpt: Trap-Jaw’s head is the first thing you notice. And what you notice is that he looks crazy as hell. Great job, Matty! Not only does this update retain the loop on top of the helmet (for a zip line), but there is a nasty surprise under his (trap) jaw – a detailed bit of gore that represents the remnants of Kronus’ (actual) jaw. 
Another one of the little extras that make this line so great.
Trap-Jaw shares legs with Optikk and the forthcoming Roboto (and likely more before we’re done), which is fine. The awesome comes in when you consider that his arms and head are removeable so that you can use the included additional head and arm to make the figure into Kronis, TJ’s original identity. His belt and shoulder pieces are also removable, so what you get really does look like an entirely different character. If these weren’t twenty bucks apiece I would’ve ordered a second (and I almost did anyway).
His Kronis arms and mechanical arm look great, as does the extra Kronis head. You can switch out three different implements on the mechanical arm, just like the older Trap-Jaws. His belt is sculpted with loops to store the unused pieces. Between those and the one on his helmet, Trap-Jaw is downright loopy. HA! Sorry.
Design: The paint applications are fantastic. All of the shading and details on both heads and all of the arms really bring the figure to life. Mattel has gotten very good at decorating little details like buttons and switches.
Accessories: Trap-Jaw is loaded with accessories. In addition to his extra head and arms, he also comes with the attachments for his mechanical arm. There is a hook, a flat gripper-thing that isn’t quite a claw and a blaster. The hook and the gripper look nice and don’t really require too much detail. The blaster looks great. It has several details painted on that make it look like part of the figure as opposed to just another accessory.
Packaging: The standard Masters of the Universe Classics packaging. It looks nice and, like I said, makes the figures look even bigger than they are. You also get a bio on the back that is sort of a composite of each character’s history.
Overall: This is one fine fucking figure. Out of all of the Masters I have bought so far, this is the one that I really feel I got my money’s worth from, shipping included. Even if you aren’t collecting this line, if you are a toy fan you owe it to yourself to pick this guy up.
5 out of 5
He sold out on Matty again, but I think he is worth it to track down on the secondary market. As always you can get him at I’m sure there are other retailers offering him as well. I love this guy.

Until next time, stay creepy

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