Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh, The Humanity!

Jeffistopheles will undoubtedly have harsh words of abuse for this one. Last night, after finishing writing about Day Two of our latest vacation, I broke my fucking GI Joe thumb drive. In two. Remember that backlog of toy reviews I kept referencing? Gone. And - being the non-paranoid dumbass that I am - did not have anything backed up. I am severely bummed right now. That and drunk. Diet Mountain Dew and tequila can make you feel a whole lot better about things. Since I don't have anything to offer as an update today, here's a picture I just took of me in the spiffy hat bought on said vacation:

I just don't have anything else to offer right now. Well, except for these:

I'm working nights all weekend, so I should be able to produce plenty of stuff for next week. In the meantime, if anybody knows how to recover data from a broken flash drive, let me know. Oh, and in the interest of once again being a cautionary tale - BACK UP YOUR SHIT!
Unitl next time, stay creepy