Monday, May 17, 2010

Playing Catch-Up

I haven’t been at work since 5 PM on the 6th, which means I haven’t written anything since then, either. It is now 22:47 – 11:47 in real people time (we’re an hour behind here since we do not observe the ridiculous convention that is Daylight Savings Time) – on the 14th and I find that I must either write or kill myself. I’ve only been back here for six hours and forty-seven minutes and I cannot believe that this job is more torturous than I remember. Five hours and thirteen minutes to go.

I wrote all of this over the course of the weekend, so please forgive any weird time inconsistencies; such as referring to a SmackDown that I didn’t watch until a day and a half after I wrote that opening paragraph.

In the time that I’ve been absent from Needless Things I’ve celebrated a birthday, undergone a major dental procedure, finished a two-year-old video game, seen one fantastic movie and several awful ones; and taken in a lot of television and comics. I have also gotten to spend an unprecedented amount of time with my wife and son, which made coming back to this wretched place even harder.

I could easily create ten or so individual posts out of these topics – and might even do so with a couple if I find I can ramble enough – but I don’t want to get too backed up and then overlook something I wanted to cover. Instead, I’m going to do a Giant-Sized Catch-Up and be done with it. Enjoy!

May 16th – 9:12 PM: Okay, so what I thought would happen happened. I got really wordy with almost every entry. That means that today you get some quick hits on a couple of things and I now have enough content for the rest of the week without even using any of the fifteen or so toy reviews I have backlogged. I almost need to start another blog just for those.

I’m just going to post these in the order I wrote them except for today’s, which are all the shorter entries.

Iron Man 2

I can’t define quite why I don’t want to write a review of this movie. We went to see it at midnight on the ridiculously huge IMAX screen and it was awesome. Absolutely nothing about Iron Man 2 was in any way disappointing or underwhelming. I guess I feel like if people want to see it they’re going to; if they don’t care they won’t. Nothing I can say is going to influence anybody. This movie is everything that was so great about the first one with a whole bunch of extra rocket sauce on top. I’ve seen a few writers around the internet that have managed to find some things to bitch about, but they come off as being kind of nay-saying assholes. Here are just a few things I loved:
  • Everybody that was in the original (that returned) was even better in the sequel. Including Samuel L. Jackson. 
  • Sam Rockwell was absolutely amazing as Justin Hammer. Despite the sheer amazingness of the rest of the cast, it was almost like Iron Man 2 was an exercise in patience. Any time Rockwell wasn’t on-screen you wanted him back. I have no doubt that Hammer will return in the future for delicious revenge – just as he promises. 
  • Mickey Rourke was mesmerizing as Ivan Vanko. He is another actor whose off-screen eccentricity always makes me doubt him, but who comes through in the role. Nobody else could have played this character. 
  • Scarlett Johansson was visually arresting, to say the least. She will not be remembered for her acting in this movie, but that’s okay. She has other movie roles in which she can be well-rounded. Um, well-rounded in other ways. 
  • I just don’t like Terrance Howard as much as I do Don Cheadle, so I’m not going to bother mentioning how much better I thought Cheadle was as Rhodey because I have a pre-existing bias. 
  • Iron Man 2 was twice as funny and twice as dramatic as the first movie. The plot device of Tony Stark facing imminent death via the device that has been keeping him alive was tense and well done and added a new layer to the character that Downey handled very well. Just like the first, I could have watched an entire two-hour movie just about him with no armor at all.
Ronnie James Dio Dies

I found out about this from my friend Richard’s post on Facebook when I got to work. I suppose I can’t really say it sucks. The man was sixty-seven years old and suffering from stomach cancer, so I can’t imagine his quality of life was all that great. Dio is, without a doubt, in a better place now.

I’m not going to claim to be a Dio super-fan or anything – I really liked his solo stuff and in the end honestly prefer Dio Sabbath over Ozzy Sabbath – so there’s not going to be some big, retrospective article. I’ll leave that to the folks who truly loved Dio and followed his career throughout.

For now, I’ll just say God bless the man for making some of the greatest rock ever. Someday we’ll all get to see what he does upstairs.

The Tiny Beast In Our House

This ridiculous animal is staying with us while Mrs. Troublemaker’s grandparents are in Las Vegas. She claims it is a dog, but I don’t buy it. It makes aggressive noises at everything and won’t let Otis on the bed. I don’t understand why he hasn’t eaten it. Its name is Molly – I think after Molly Shannon 

because they both suck.

Video Games

Here’s something I don’t write about very often because I just don’t play games like I used to. If you haven’t played it yet, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is pretty awesome. I haven’t played a non-wrestling game this much since GTA IV. As a matter of fact, I haven’t even played a wrestling game this much since the 2008 WWE game. Force Unleashed has, to an extent, renewed my interest in the medium. As a result of my enjoyment of the game I have purchased Ghostbusters and Batman: Arkham Asylum. What bums me out a little bit is that I got the God of War collection for Christmas and it didn’t have the same effect on me. That first God of War was my favorite game of all time, but for some reason the upgrades didn’t do anything for me. I haven’t even bothered to pass the second stage of the first game yet. I will say that the demo for the third installment kind of dulled my enthusiasm. That part with the Icarus wings where you have to fly up through the collapsing tunnel was just pissing me off.

That catches me up on the little things. I’ll be here all week long with stuff about comics, television and movies.

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