Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May Comic Book Update

I finally picked up about a month’s worth of books on the Saturday of the root canal. There are a few things worth mentioning. I always intend to do some comic book reviews, but I usually don’t get to the store on Wednesday to get my books and it takes me a while to get through them once I do pick them up. By that point it seems like kind of a waste because other, better blogs have already covered everything. Anyway, here’s some great stuff that’s happening right now in the world of comics – and some not-so-great.

Two of my favorite last pages in recent memory were in this stack of books: Batman and Robin #12 and The Walking Dead #71. The former for a great reveal that I didn’t see coming but a lot of other folks are claiming they did (personally, I think those folks are full of shit). The latter for what is one of the most chilling statements in the history of The Walking Dead.

I had vowed to stop picking up Detective Comics when the Batwoman arc ended, but they got me anyway. It ended up coming home with me and kicking off what looks to be a very good Arkham-centric story, which I am a sucker for.

Unfortunately for my wallet, all the Brightest Day stuff I have read so far is intriguing. I had been hoping to drop it in favor of some Marvel titles now that those guys have wrapped up their giant, five-year-long company-encompassing arc. Now it looks like I’m going to end up adding rather than replacing.

I dropped Hack/Slash a couple of months ago, but after reading about what a stand-up guy creator Tim Seeley is I put it back on my pull list. The last two regular issues from DDP are actually very good, with the new regular artist for the title once it moves to Image proving to be solid.

 Which brings me to Invincible Iron Man #25: This issue is clearly intended as a jumping-on point and it works. This is a great comic that hooked me from the beginning. I went in with only the vaguest of notions of what has occurred in Mr. Stark’s recent past and I had no problems following and comprehending the events of this issue.

And then there’s IDW’s glut of GI Joe titles. The movie tie-in – Operation: HISS - kind of sucks. GI Joe: Cobra is compelling but is a fucking bummer. And I am still waiting for something to fucking happen in the regular ongoing series. I get that proper build-up is important in a good narrative, but they really need to get the show on the road. I am absolutely fucking sick of seeing Destro standing around talking and Snake-Eyes sorting fucking fruit. Damn it. I don’t want to drop the Joe titles but they are really testing me. The only one I am genuinely excited about now is Hama’s continuation of the original Marvel series. The 155 ½ they gave out for FCBD was pretty awesome.

Speaking of Free Comic Book Day, the Irredeemable/Incorruptible book was pretty great. I kind of want to pick those up, but I may just stick with getting the trades as they come out.

Some of the X-Men: Second Coming stuff is running through books I get (which is irritating) so I picked up a couple of the other X-titles to see if it is worth following. It turns out I’m going to have to buy more. The vibe is very reminiscent of the old Clairmont/Simonson crossover stuff with everybody fighting everybody and the shit really hitting the fan. I dig it.

Hellboy in Mexico was amazing despite being drawn by Richard Corben. Anybody who doesn’t buy this title is clearly a donkey-raping shit-eater.

I, Zombie was also really good. Check it out.

Star Wars: Dark Times continues to be one of my favorite reads, as well as having phenomenal art.

Thank God LaFuente is back on Ultimate Spider-Man. I used to think he was a bit too cartoony, but after the awful manga artist that penciled the last few issues I have an all-new appreciation for his style.
    Until next time, stay creepy

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