Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Doctor Who Week: Day 3 - The Fans

So for an easy-out middle of the week post, I thought I'd put together all of the Doctor Who-related costumes I saw from the last few years of Dragon*Con. Enjoy!

Right up top we start with one of my favorite of the Doctor's nemeses - Omega!

One of the Clockwork robots from The Girl In the Fireplace.

The sixth Doctor. Because somebody has to like him, I guess. I left the security guy in when I cropped it because I like the way his body language is saying, "Is this what my life has come to?"

The fourth Doctor, because everybody loves him.

One of the Weeping Angels from Blink.

HOLY SHIT! Look out, Troublemaker! Er... me...

Cyber-ape thing from The Next Doctor.

You'd think a guy dressed as the TARDIS wouldn't be a dick. You'd be wrong.

The seventh Doctor. This was a first for me.

The tenth Doctor and Rose.

And the tenth Doctor and Rose. Aaaaaaaand, guess what?

Tenth Doctor and Rose!

Doctor Who Link of the Day:
Defending The Earth!

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