Monday, March 1, 2010

Toy Review - Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Thi-Sen By Hasbro

I’ve been hoping to see this guy ever since the Clone Wars first season episode he appeared in, Trespass. Sure, we’ve already got two other Talz in the form of Chalmun’s Cantina denizen Muftak and Jedi Master Foul Moudama; but they were made using the same mold and are a bit… fatter than your average Talz. At least, judging from what we see in "Trespass".
First Glance: Aliens are always more visually striking in the Star Wars line. We get so many humans and droids that it is a rare treat to see something different, particularly when it is this big. I didn’t even have to think about buying this one. He was immediately appealing.

Sculpt: Totally new design. We never really saw enough of Muftak to get an idea of a Talz’ actual dimensions, and while Master Moudama was slimmer than the Muftak figure, he was close enough that Hasbro could get away with putting some clothes on the old sculpt and call it a Jedi for a new release. Thi-Sen has the now-standard great articulation, with ball-jointed ankles, knees, elbows and shoulders. He also has normal hip, waist, wrist and neck articulation.

There is a whole lot of detail here, with great-looking clawed hands and feet – notice his “dew claws” high up on his feet – and very well done fur. He even has pads sculpted under his feet! The face itself looks great, but as a result of the assembly process there is a noticeable separation where it was joined with the head. This is the only real flaw with the figure and not a huge deal. Some might not be as bad as this one.

Design: There’s not a ton of deco, but Talz don’t really need it. Thi-Sen looks perfectly screen-accurate. Anything more would have looked wrong.

Accessories: This is where Thi-Sen shines. He includes a spear, ceremonial armor and a headdress. What is so great about all of that is that it can be removed; which means you have a great troop builder, here. I plan on buying a few of this guy to build his tribe. I actually put this one in my Cantina display since I am lacking a Muftak and Thi-Sen fills that role just fine without his garb.

Packaging: Standard Clone Wars packaging. It’s worth noting that Thi-Sen is part of the newest mail-in offer from Hasbro – a figure of Mon-Calamari Jedi Knight Nahdar Vebb.

Overall: I feel like this one is a must-have for fans of Clone Wars and fans of the Original Trilogy. I don’t collect the animated figures for the most part, but aliens and droids are done in such a way that they can mostly blend in with the regular movie-based lines. I even bought the newest Clone Wars Aayla Secura because she looks so much better than the more reality-based offerings. And because I need five figures to get Nahdar Vebb.

4 out of 5

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